marriage: (/ˈmarɪdʒ/) the legal or religious ceremony that formalizes the decision in which two people have pledged themselves to each other in the manner of a husband and wife; and to live as a married couple, including the accompanying of social festivities.

Sanemi huffed, and you swore could see his cheeks turning the slightest bit of pink. It was peaceful.


Sanemi Shinazugawa - Freeform; Soft Shinazugawa Sanemi; Shinazugawa Sanemi is Bad at Feelings; Uzui tengen x reader; uzui tengen x you; uzui tengen x y/n; tengen x you;.

Soft Sanemi makes an appearance once more. S. .

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May 4, 2020 · His voice was low. #san3mii. .

“I said thank you. Truthfully, you really didn’t want to wake up.


Wiping the sleep away from your eyes, you turn very slightly to gaze lovingly at your fiancé.

Listener - Akaza X Reader by tartagalicioso 9. This will be my first ever headcanons so it was pretty nerve-wracking and I hope to improve the more headcanons I write.

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Rating: T.
'Thank you for loving me.

Vash the Stampede X FemReader.

Sanemi x F!Reader: Letters (Fluff, SFW Scenario) Summary: Sanemi buckles down to get to doing his secret nighttime pastime of reading the numerous love letters that his wife had written for him before they even met.

. He completely isolated while you were gone. Read Sanemi & Genya || sis (angst + fluff) from the story Kimetsu no Yaiba x reader oneshots (COMPLETED) by SensoryDump (Trash Rat) with 15,117 reads.

Apr 21, 2020 · Morning || Sanemi x Reader. Author’s Note(s): Hello Nonny, thank you for requesting. ”. Shinazugawa Sanemi. Listener - Akaza X Reader by tartagalicioso 9. .

The covers draped across you and your lover were warm and the breeze ruffled the.

"Nothing. .

3 > warnings: arrangedmarriage!au, angst/fluff, MANGA SPOILERS “household (hous.

Protective Shinazugawa Sanemi.

The covers draped across you and your lover were warm and the breeze ruffled the leaves outside gently, even blending harmoniously with Sanemi’s soft snores.


Shinazugawa Sanemi/Reader; Shinazugawa Sanemi/Original Character(s) Shinazugawa Sanemi; Shinazugawa Genya; Kanroji Mitsuri; Iguro Obanai; Established Relationship;.