Think how they relate to your ability to be an individual worker.

Provide examples from your work history.

Prioritizing. 31 Adjective Synonyms for Work Well Under Pressure.


This article will explore the best ones.

Search for synonyms and antonyms. . “Zealous” is a synonym for “enthusiastic.

Managing four different marketing projects at varying stages of completion.

Creativity #7. . Communication.

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Describe your coping technique (s).


List your prior roles by starting with the most recent job. This article will explore the best ones.

. Flexible.

I am able to thrive under multiple deadlines and projects.

List your prior roles by starting with the most recent job.


Communication Skills. ” You should try out one of the following: Meet deadlines; Work to deadlines well; Welcome pressure; Multitasker; Good at managing tasks; Collected; Level-headed; Keep a cool head; Do not shirk under pressure; Do not succumb to pressure; Manage time and. However, some great alternatives are out there that might be better for your resumé.

. Efficacy. . . synonyms.

If you can’t say “Works well under pressure ” then what can you say? Try these action verb synonyms to get the point across instead:.

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Apr 6, 2022 · Being able to handle stressful situations at work is important because it allows you to be more productive, make better decisions, and avoid burnout.

He adapts to change easily, works well under pressure with a positive attitude and is detail-oriented.

Use aplomb to show great restraint under even the most trying circumstances.

com, aplomb is defined as composure under pressure/stress.