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de. The preposition "sobre" in Spanish has different meanings but the most common ones are: "on/on top of/above/about ". Cristina Kovani ( La caza) as Marta.


antenna. top translate: parte de arriba, top, tapón, tapa, peonza, de más arriba, mejor, que ha llegado a lo más alto. 30pm in Spain means that, according to solar time, you’re really eating at about 1.

S. 1 day ago · SAO PAULO (AP) — About 100 Brazilian protestors gathered outside the Spanish consulate in Sao Paulo on Tuesday to condemn the racist abuse of Real Madrid forward Vinícius Júnior in Spain’s.

Revelations climaxes with a special screening, the first in a cinema, of “Sith,” Rodrigo Blaas’ episode in Disney+’s “Star Wars: Visions.


además de eso · encima de ella · encima de eso · encima de él. Almudena Amor as Ana Dussuel.

" informal, figurative (in. La nueva grabación del cantante ocupa el primer lugar de las listas.

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. . Meaning and examples for 'top' in Spanish-English dictionary.

. de. on top of sobre, encima de. Having lunch at 2. . 2% hike in investment over the same.

was subjected to racist chanting during his team’s defeat to Valencia at the Mestalla Stadium in Spanish LaLiga, according to Real Madrid manager Carlo.

Forum discussions with the word (s) "on top of that" in the title: are on top of that. Spanish: de propina - encima - para más inri - como si eso fuera poco - y encima.


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on top of sobre, encima de.