Words like BUS or BOSS.

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. ) Activity 2: • Read out the words from Column 1, one at a time. Blessings for everybody.


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Regular Past simple ending sounds- Pronounce the endings of past simple words correctly. This page contains pronunciation exercises organized into 5 chapters: Chapter 1: The Main Sounds of English.

Words like BIG or PIG.

Complete the pronunciation spoken in British English can be pronounced perfectly.

Complete the pronunciation spoken in British English can be pronounced perfectly. The alphabet - pronunciation.

. Check and correct your pronunciation of: recipe, salmon, says, suit (rhymes with boot), suite (rhymes with suite), chaos, women, nature.

there three breathe thin moth whether although nothing throw either /θ/ /ð/ /w/ This sound tends to be pronounced by Italian speakers as /v/.
Pronunciation Some simple techniques and activities you can use - in any class - to help your students speak more clearly.

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Pronunciation worksheets and online activities.

. Whatever your approach, BusyTeacher. Pronunciation of EXPRESSION GIVING AND ASKING OPINION Grade/level: XI by Zumri1983: Sound A Grade/level:.

Many ESL speakers mispronounce the word ‘career’. Downloading the full homophone list below for English homophone practice will help you correct many words that are commonly mispronounced by ESL speakers. Letter printouts A-Z. There is a bingo, transcription, etc. Minimal Pairs Worksheets. .

Words like BIG or PIG.

(For answers see KEY below. This file should be used with the phonemic chart.

Next take a look at the assessments beginning on page 158.


Each PDF worksheet has five activities, with clear instructions, that encourage discrimination of minimal pairs.