19 hours ago · Scorned woman Carrie Anne Burke has gone viral on TikTok after admitting that she hid prawns inside her cheating ex-boyfriend’s curtain rods.

Jan 19, 2023 · 1. By Ryan J.


You feel like a failure.

. May 12, 2023 · From the Ethicist: I count four stakeholders here. Sucks to be them! They’ve started texting you out of nowhere.

May 21, 2023 · It’s not just the old folks who have baggage – plenty of 20 somethings do too.

Apr 30, 2018 · 3. If you stoke the fire of your boyfriend's insecurity on purpose, then you will wear away at the trust between you. You are you.

You thought that the past was behind you, but then your ex pops up acting like he's still with you. Feb 17, 2018 · The new partner is often jealous of your ex’s marriage to you, the pull of any children from that marriage, the pull of family events.

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Or, “I don’t want to see you with someone else”. .

Out of the blue, my ex dumped me and completely shattered my heart. Sep 24, 2017 · Sooner or later, they will suck their partner dry of money, enthusiasm, self-esteem, or all three, and they discard them without looking back.

My ex is very jealous of my new husband.


I was a wreck.

It could be their ace in the hole. It’s just a game: Perhaps the most obvious (and obnoxious) way that your ex is trying to make you jealous is by showing the world — and you — just how much he spoils his new girl. Say that you’re still living with your ex and you’re running in late for work.

Oct 28, 2022 · Allow Yourself to Be Jealous. Discussing past relationships may. . One of the biggest signs your ex is jealous of you and your new relationship is that they fake being happy for you, writes relationship expert Olivia Harvey: This is why I highly recommend against opening up to your ex unless you’re sure they’re over you and have your best interests at